Outsource your Copy? Ugh

11. October 2018 Mistakes 0

I’ve written on this before. Granted, I tested a Fiverr gig, which is dubious from getgo.

Now the world is going remote. I work from home. All my employees work from home. We’re all remote. Hiring people is relatively easy because everyone wants an opportunity to work from home! But how do you find QUALITY people to work remotely that will CARE about your business?

I suggest that….you don’t.

After 20 years of being in business. I find doing it myself is the most economical way to get things done in every sense. It’s the best way to get quality you’re happy with. It’s faster. It’s less expensive. And you do not have to hassle with people who don’t care enough to go the extra mile for you.

Do it yourself. If you can’t figure something out – then FIGURE it out. Oh, some tasks like deep coding of your website might take a pro. But most things, especially copywriting, you should learn to do yourself. In your own voice. Give people the genuine you, not some outsourced hype from a copywriter for hire.