Article Writing Shortcuts with Crappy Fiverr Gigs….Fail!

09. April 2017 Mistakes 0
Article Writing Shortcuts with Crappy Fiverr Gigs….Fail!

Here’s your one-minute tip of the day….all about Fiverr article writing gigs – at least the crappy ones you never know you’re going to get!

If you’re going to order a Fiverr gig to get an article done quickly, be prepared to be delivered total shit!

Sometimes when you order Fiverr gigs for article writing, you might as well be lighting a match to your five dollar bill. In fact, watching your bill go up in flames would be more enjoyable than opening up your delivered Fiverr article writing gig and being presented with an article like the one I copied in below.

This is a Fiverr article writing gig I ordered because I needed something quick. It was an express gig from a Fiverr seller that actually had a high rating. I guess you never know if all those 5-star testimonials are real, because….well just start reading below and you tell me if you can get through it.

Dear Google: I’m sorry for subjecting your bots to this tripe. Don’t ding my site, please. I am attempting to teach people to beware when ordering articles from Fiverr. Now, smart people probably already understand that you get what you pay for, but still…

A Fiverr article writing gig to (literally) die for.

Just look at this mess! The article was supposed to be about emotional health.

Life cycle of an emotion

Whole bits have the ability to take place within a split second. What exactly is a whole bit? We think about many different things. These thoughts take place within the head. Even though the thought originates within the brain, it would circulate through the entire body after doing some calculations. This can be considered as an emotion. In other words, a thought releases an emotion into the anatomy.

At the beginning, an emotion would not contain anything. As a result, it would not create any change within your body. But after several split seconds, the emotion would gain intensity. When the intensity goes up along with time, you would start feeling it. The intensity would increase when the emotion is in its sub-conscious mind. Then it would come to a point where it reaches the conscious mind and feed it with more information. This can lead you towards the next thought or the next action. This scenario is considered as a bit.

If you take a bit and expand it, you will be able to get a better understating about the life cycle of an emotion. The human senses, such as hearing, smelling and touching can lead us towards a thought. Then it would trigger a feeling, which would drop down into the central body and create an emotion. As mentioned earlier, the emotion would be trapped inside an empty container at the beginning. If you take the time, emotions can take place within a very short period. In other words, it has been identified that an emotion can take place within a split second. However, there are instances where the life cycle of an emotion could get dragged to several seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months or even years.

Therefore, we are not in a position to define the exact time associated with the life-cycle of an emotion.
During this time period, the emotions have the ability to create an impact on your body. In other words, a significant impact can be created on a part of your life or on your entire life. However, you are provided with the ability to control the emotion at any given time. You just need to put an extra bit of an effort in order to take control over it. In order to do it, you need to take an emotion. The emotion would not have a label and you will first need to provide it with a label.

Then you should take its intensity, go through the pattern and apply the ETT therapy by William and reduce the intensity to a level that you are comfortable with. After you do it, the emotion would not exist anymore. In here, you would be releasing yourself out of the emotion and it would not be able to create an impact on your body. This can provide a relief to your internal body, external body, spirituality, sub-conscious mind and the conscious mind.

LOL! Again, Google, I apologize.

For the record, I did not complain. I didn’t ask for a refund because I’m actually using the article! I consider this a lesson learned. And for the record, I have gotten some decent articles done on in the past. To find good writers on Fiverr, you should:

1) Be prepared to spend more than a Fiverr.
2) Expect to try out several article writers before you find a good one.
3) Never expect to get someone to write premium content (but if you do find someone that good on Fiverr, let me know!

And now back to the drawing board. Not knocking I love Fiverr. In the past three years, I’ve purchased over 700 gigs. And a good percentage of them have been helpful. Not this one. But hey, I got to rant on One-Minute Copywriter.