Get Clear on Your Biz with this Copywriting Questionnaire

13. February 2019 Mindset 0
Get Clear on Your Biz with this Copywriting Questionnaire

l. How would you describe your ideal customer in one sentence?

Someone who values personal development and wants to become a certified life coach from an accredited institute.

2. What is the typical age and sex of your ideal customer?

Female: 35-55

3. Where do they live? (Geography)

United States, Canada, Australia, UK – and scattered more thinly among 70 other countries.

4. What are the top problems you solve for them?

To find x, affordable life coach certification that is affordable and effective but does not require travel or time off work.

5. What are their biggest fears/concerns, that relate to working with you?


  • • Who am I to be a life coach?
  • • If I have my own problems, how can I help others with theirs?
  • • I can’t afford training.
  • • I don’t know if this is what I really want in life (to become a coach).


• Can I get the skills I need? 

• Will I be effective?

• I don’t know how to get clients.

• I don’t know how to market myself.

• I hate selling anything.

• I don’t know where to begin.

• Is this training center legit?

• Is online learning effective?

• What are the right credentials?

• What do I call myself?

6. What are the most common objections to your products?

  • • It costs too little. Legitimate training centers charge many times more. 
  • • I’m tech-poor in every way.

WE NEED MORE DATA on this one.

7. What are the most important purchase criteria for these customers?

• Affordable

• Convenient

• Accredited

• Flexible

8. What are some common questions your customers have at each stage of the buyer’s journey? (Aim for 3 key questions at each stage)

Attract – Before they know who you are

o Where can I get the best life coach training?

o Should I become a life coach?

o How do I get started in my life coaching career?

o Where can I learn NLP?

Convert – Once they know who you are, but aren’t ready to buy yet

o Is the iNLP Center legitimate?

o How does it work? 

o Will I be able to finish?

Close – When they are comparing your products to others

o Is anyone home?

o Which is the simplest path forward?

o Which training center is accredited?

Delight – When they are a paying customer

o How can I stay motivated?

o How do I stop chasing shiny objects?

o How can I stay focused?

o What’s the most efficient way to complete the program?

9. If you were to be known for only 3-5 topics, what would they be?

(Note: This is not so much your value proposition, but more so the areas of “thought leadership” that we can create content for).

• Life coach training

• NLP training / certification

• ICF accredited training

• Life coaching skills…!

• Personal development

10. Who are your top 5 competitors in this space?

I can only go by search results for keywords related to nlp and life coach training. So, the first page of search results in google.

11. What makes you different?

We are actual thought leaders in the industry, innovating how online learning is delivered – not so much in tech, but in the material themselves, as well as the course structure. 

Our tools are highly applicable, not conceptual. Many life coach trainigns do not adequately prep people to do coaching. A common reason they come to us from training even after they’ve had other life coach certifications: I want practical tools!

Our responsiveness, abundance of resources / classes and customer service are second to none.