First Things First: Do this Before you Write Anything

Take one minute before writing to put yourself into the correct state of mind. What mindset do you need to be most effective in the piece you’re creating now? Is this a serious piece? Then, you’ll want to consciously enter a more serious mood. What other states of mind might you enter, depending on what you’re writing?

state of mind while writing• Enthusiastic
• Academic
• Inspirational
• Confident
• Thoughtful
• Compassionate
• Reflective
• Optimistic
• Candid

It all relates to what you’re writing at the moment. And some pieces require different mindsets on the part of the writer throughout the composition.

Bottom line: Choose your mindset deliberately given the needs of each sentence you write.

How do you enter the best mindset on purpose?

I can give you that one in three letters: NLP.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is a communication tool that every copywriter should know. In fact, NLP has informed most copywriting training without the copywriters knowing. NLP rarely gets credit for its professional contributions because 1) It’s a horrible name and 2) NLP is a controversial field of study.

Still, if you’re into influencing people, you need to learn NLP. If you’d like to know more about what NLP is, then you should read the iNLP Center article: What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Why Should you Learn it?

For now, do the following to get into a killer copywriting mindset.

• Decide which mindset works best for you from the above list or elsewhere.

• Remember a specific time when you were naturally in that mindset – recall a memory.

• Relive that memory, seeing what you saw, hearing what you heard and feeling (now) what you felt at the time.

Now, you’re magically in that mindset! (If you did it right). It’s that simple, so don’t complicate things. Remeber. Relive. Feel it. And now go about your writing business.