How to Inspire Creative Angles for your Blog Posts

Creativity. We all like it.

For example, the starter line above is total shit.

Creativity. We all like it?

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What if that’s the best we can do on some days? Are we done fucked? Yes, we’re done-fucked because I can’t write a sentence with the right words in it. If you’re that brain dead, just give up for the day and come back after you’re all better.

The following questions to inspire creative angles for blog posts and such – these are meant to help the un-brain dead. Hopefully, they will!

So you want to wake up and really get your creative juices flowing?

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I don’t think my cornerstone sentences are getting any better. In fact, I don’t even know what a cornerstone sentence is. Is that a thing?

I’m stalling because, while I love creative angles and I do know such angles come from asking the right questions, the questions themselves are not popping into my head.

I do believe that a total commitment to doing something different – a raw determination to find a new angle – is a must. Let’s make that step one.

1. Be rawly determined to find a new angle.


For me, there is a feeling of taking a mental step back. In NLP, we call this dissociating, not be be confused with the clinical dissociation counselors talk about. NLP dissociation is simply taking a mental step back to look at the big picture.

2. Take a mental step back.

We know that viewing problems from a distance is a very helpful thing to do. Writing and problem-solving are potentially related, are they not? When you write, you are (supposed to be) solving a problem for your reader.

First, come up with unique solutions. Second, use a unique angle. Viewing stuff from a distance is double-dipping in the winner’s bowl!

3. Wait.

There is a bit of magic that happens when you look at the big picture. Then wait. Ideas will come.

Does this seem like a copout? Isn’t that a go-to answer from anyone who can’t provide a real answer? Just wait. Things will get better.

The problem is, they so often do get better when we do nothing more than wait.