Email outreach script to update a backlink

This email script is to request a webmaster to change a link on his/her website. You might use it to suggest a link to your own site. In this case, I’ll be using it to ask webmasters who linked to my old site to link to my new site.

My old website got penalized for spammy link-building tactics. So, we moved to a new domain and are asking all the legitimate links to change the link.

It helps them because they are currently linking to a domain with no content. All the content has been migrated to the new site. Will they change the link? We shall see!

Broken link to my site from yours – email script

That’s the email subject line – broken link from your site to mine.


My name is Lisa and I work for the iNLP Center.

I’m writing to let you know that at one time you linked to my website (thank you!) but the link on your website is now broken because my URL has changed.

Could you correct the link so it points to the right page? This will help your site by removing a broken link. And it will help my site recover an incoming link.

Once the change is made, we’ll share your site with our social media following of 40,000 plus fans and followers. Would that be OK?

The broken link in question is on this page ___________________________.

The new, correct page is located here _________________________________.

Thank you so much! Rest assured that the content is the same that you originally linked to. Just the URL has changed.

Any questions? Please reply and I will be happy to help in any way I can.


Your name